Study Cases

During the preparatory phase of the study tour 2024, students will pair up as duos to do a study case. These study cases are supplied by various companies and/or research institutes and the exact way these study cases are handled is decided together with the company that supplies them. The study cases can range from a pure literature study to modeling or something else entirely. 

Naturally, the study tour committee matches the participants to a study case that fits their skills and needs. On top of this, teaching staff from Helix will oversee the study case and have regular meetings with the participating duo to make sure they are on track. Each student is expected to invest 160 hours of their time into this study case. It is also expected from the students that the study case is graded internally with a minimum grade of 7.0, this is to make sure the level of the end product is sufficient to be sent to the company that provides the study case.

The participation of the study cases is a necessity for the continuation of the study tour, as they supply the study case with the necessary financial means for travel and overnight expenses. Of course, the study case also allows the participants some valuable insight into the workings of a company focused on chemical research.