8/9th July (arrival in Singapore)




Night life

Today was finally the day that we got to embark on the beautiful trip that we have all been waiting for over the last 2 years. 

Our first day started just about as expected, with two committee members being late and luckily the Flixbus being even later. Of course it’s not really nice to call names here, so let’s just say that the person at fault has a name that rhymes with Taaike. Step two was taking the train from Düsseldorf center to the airport. This went pretty smoothly, even though we initially gathered at the wrong platform. After these two hiccups, our two plane rides went by fine. Most of us did not get too much sleep though, which was quite noticable sometimes. When doing a roll call, Niels forgot one of the participants; Sander thought it a good idea to quickly finish his chewing gum at Singapore airport in front of a guard, risking some corporal punishment (‘stokslagen’); and Maurik forgot what his suitcase looked like. 

Then finally, after an entire day of travelling we arrived in Singapore and immediately could take a look at some nice features of the airport such as the enormous waterfall. This was however only for a short time since we had to go to our bus which would take us to our hostel. When we went outside to meet the bus, we were greeted by an enormous temperature difference, which caused some participants to immediately break out into a sweat. Fortunately for us the bus had airconditioning so the busride was quite pleasant and everyone could comfortably get a first look at the city. 

Since we had been travelling for such a long time and, as everyone knows, travelling makes people hungry, it was time for dinner. For this everyone split up and each went their own way to a typical Asian street food market. Where everyone as true Dutchies was surprised how good and cheap the food there was. 

With our bellies filled it was time for the last part of the program, a city tour guided by Mathijs. Although this tour was not mandatory a lot of people joined and were able to see how impressive Singapore is at night. We came across a lot of huge skyscrapers, but also more traditional temples and the Formula 1 circuit. We also saw the Marina Bay with the Merlion statue and some clubs and bars, which might be visited later this week.

All in all it was a very tiring but also already super interesting first two days and we are very excited what the rest of the trip will have in store for us!

Written by:

Jochem van Ierssel and Maurik Engelbert van bevervoorde