Singapore, being a city-state, is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, due to meticulous planning by the city, a lot of greenery and expressive architecture has been built within the city. This makes it an ultra-dense city to visit, with things to see around every corner. The city state consists of a main island and 63 smaller islands. While one may argue that the smaller islands prevent it from being a proper city-state, there are no other towns or cities on these islands.

Singapore has become very culturaly diverse as a trading state, due to the lack of natural recources. On top of this, Singapore has been occupied by Brittain and Japan, which has also influenced their culture. And with a large history of trade, many companies and a good university have found their place within the city. A strict view on laws and rules has made Singapore one of the cleanest and safest places on Earth. 

The combination of all of these factors made Singapore an obvious choice for the study tour in 2024.


Taiwan encompasses a larger main island, and a few smaller islands around the larger island. With inhabitants originating from the philipines, cultural influences from China and Japan, make it, just like Singapore, country with a broad range of cultures.

Taiwan has a giant role in worlwide semiconductor production, with TSMC, being the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturing company. Due to this, a large amount of international electronics manufacturers are located in Taiwan, giving many possibilities for visits.

Most of Taiwan’s population is located at the western part of the island, leaving a lot of area exposed to nature, with a few natural parks that are a joy to visit. 

Taiwan thus becomes the secondary location for the study tour in 2024.


Japan is the largest of the three islands we will be visiting, and perhaps also the one with the richest history. Japan used to be, and perhaps still is, an island that keeps to itself. This has given rise to a unique cultural heritage with a lack of western influence. 

Just like Singapore and Taiwan, Japan is one of the best developped countries in Asia, with great infrastructure, social and health facilities. This also means that it is an extremely safe country for tourists. In recent years, Japan has opened up to the outside world and has started to participate heavily in world trade. Many modern electronics companies originate from Japan, this has given rise to a large amount of supporting chemical industry.

A large variety of landscapes, from tropical beaches to snowy mountain tops in the Japanese Alps with geisers and hot springs inbetween. Architecture is broad, with shrines and historical buildings made to build and break easily when an earthquake occurs, to modern buildings specially designed to withstand the large forces of nature the country is at times subjected to. Being the largest country, we will also stay the longest in Japan during the study tour of 2024, to see as much of Japan as possible.