Study Tour 2024 "Bonding across the Asian isles"

What is the Study Tour 2024?

In 2024, the study tour committee aims to bring a diverse group of 28 students and 2 professors to Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan for a four-week-long study tour. 

During the four-week holiday, various activities will be organized by the study tour committee. We will explore culture, industry, and education in the three different countries and make sure all participants have the time of their life, as the main goal of the study tour is, naturally, to have a ton of fun together with your fellow participants. To partially finance the study tour, students will work together in groups of two to do a study case, arranged by companies active in the chemical industry.

Subscriptions to the study tour are open from the 12th of May through the 16th of June. For more information, you are welcome to send an e-mail to, or to contact one of the committee members in person!