Following 22 students are picked to go on this study tour:

Rick Arts

Hey everyone!


My name is Rick Arts and I am 20 years old. I was born in a wonderful city called Oss but currently I am living in Eindhoven. With regards to the study, I am interested in the process engineering part of it. When I am not busy studying I really enjoy riding my racing bike. Furthermore, I like to cook and to drink some (craft) beers with my friends now and then. On top of all that I am an active member of the study association. Quite often I am present at drinks and activities but I also was a member of the Introduction Committee 2016 and at the moment I am writing this I hope to call myself member of the Study Trip Committee 2018 during next academic year. For me, the study tour will be my first journey outside of Europe so I am really looking forward to it!

Martijn De Belie

Hi there! My name is Martijn De Belie, I am 23 years old and at this moment a fifth year student Chemical Technology. I hope to obtain my Bachelor’s degree as soon as possible so that I can start my Master’s in Chemical Process Technology directly after that. I was born and raised in Heikant, which is a small town in the provence of Zeeland, but right now I live in Eindhoven. As a past time, I like to drink a beer with some friends, of course as often as possible in our own F.O.R.T.. Besides that, I currently have a chair in the board of Stichting Jeugd Vakantie Werk Hulst. We organize a week with a lot of games for kids in the summer, which will take place directly after our study trip. I do not have a lot of experience with travelling besides the family vacations with the caravan to France, so the trip will be a completely new experience. I am therefore already looking forward to it!

Anouk de Leeuw den Bouter

My name is Anouk de Leeuw den Bouter and I’m 21 years old. After the summer break I will be starting my third year of my bachelor studies, which I hope to finish this year. I am originally form Sprang-Capelle, a small town next to the well-known amusement park the Efteling, but I have been living in Eindhoven for the past 3 years.


I’m also quite busy when I’m not studying, this year I will be the Coordinator External Affairs of the 4th board of V.C.E. ‘MyST’. When I do have some spare time on my hands I like to go on a bike ride with my race bike or play squash. However, I also enjoy some little less active ways to spend my time. A few examples of this are cooking and watching Netflix.

Damian Broens

Hello everyone,


My name is Damian Broens and I am 19 years old. This is my third year as a Chemical Engineering student at the Technical University in Eindhoven.

Besides studying I do other things as well. I like to watch series, play the guitar and I sometimes do an attempt to sport.

Furthermore am I a member of the study association ‘Japie’. You can find me occasionally during activities and in the F.O.R.T. at Thursdays. This year I will be vice-chairman of Japie’s XII lustrum committee. The lustrum committee will organize several activities to celebrate Japie’s lustrum year, among which a gala and a reunion for alumni.

I want to learn more about the culture and the companies on the other side of the world. I am already looking forward to the study trip to South Korea and Japan and I am sure this will be an unforgettable trip!

Rosa Geveling

Hi! My name is Rosa Geveling, 20 years old. This September I will start the third year of my bachelor. I am from Huissen, which is a small city in between Arnhem and Nijmegen, but I moved to Eindhoven two years ago. However, I am still often at my parents’ house, I like to chill with my friends from high school. I love to play sports, I play in the Oktopus handball team, I like running and I love to practice Pilates or yoga. Moreover I love plants, I worked in a greenhouse for a long time, but now I only look after the plants in my room. I do have a new job though, at the open days of the university. I am really looking forward our tour to Japan and South Korea! I would love to see the people there, explore their culture and I would also love to see some nature.

Eline Hubbers

Hi, my name is Eline Hubbers and I’m a third year bachelorstudent chemical engineering. I live in a studenthouse with three housemates, but I was born and raised in Deventer. I’m 20 years old. Besides my study I am also a member of the faculty council from the department Chemical Engineering and I play korfball at Attila. Besides this I spend a lot of time in the F.O.R.T. since I am the treasurer of the 6th lustrum committee F.O.R.T. ‘Pie Debye’. Furthermore I like to read a book or ride my bike. Another hobby of mine is to travel, especially with a group of people I do not know really well yet, so you can share the experience and get to know each other better. Therefore I am really looking forward to this studytour!

Jasmijn Janssen

Hello everybody,


My name is Jasmijn and I am 21 years old. I started my study in Eindhoven at the faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry in 2014. Next academic year, I hope to be the coordinator of education of the 60th board of the most beautiful study association of the Netherlands. I was born in Heeze, which is not far away from Eindhoven and I still live there. Next to my study and going to activities of Japie, I am trying to cycle a lot. Unfortunately, I’m not always able to go cycling because I am sometimes a bit too lazy and just need my lazy-days. Since I am studying I also like to visit different countries and cities and I’ve even been to more places than in the 18 years before! Therefore, I am very curious what Japan and South-Korea can bring us and I am very excited to go there the coming year!

Egbert van Laer

Hello everybody, my name is Egbert van Laer and I am 20 years old. I was born in Haarlem and after three years we moved to the beautiful little city of Harderwijk where I would grow up. Two years ago I made the big step to come ‘down the rivers’ but now I feel totally comfortable here. Especially at Japie, where I do enjoy many activities. Last year, on behalf of Japie, I organized a six-day study trip to Prague as the Study Trip Committee. This year I am frequently standing behind the bar of the F.O.R.T. In the weekends I am often on a hockey field, but then preferably with a whistle in my hand instead of a hockey stick. I am really looking forward to have this study trip with you!

Paul Maas

Hey guys, my name is Paul Maas, and I just started my Master MSMC. I grew up in Leiden, but my parents came from Brabant, so I knew the area a little already. Most of my time I spend with the music association, ESMG Quadrivium, where I also did a board year two years ago. Singing and playing trumpet, combined with the rehearsals, is where I spend two nights a week (including time spent in the bar of course). Besides making music, I'm also quite a bit of a geek, with hobbies including watching anime, playing video games and playing warhammer and other board games. Also, I love to spend time in the kitchen, with my sushi and cocktails being my signature dishes ;). Because of my hobbies, I just couldn't let the chance of going to Korea and Japan slide, and I'm looking very much forward to it!

Twan Muntjewerff



I am Twan Muntjewerff and I am currently in the third year of the bachelor Chemical Engineering. I am 20 years old and I am born and raised in Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland. As hobby I like to play korfball. I still play competition at home while I do the practise at E.S.K.V. Attila, the student korfball in Eindhoven. Coming year I will also be in the treasurer in the board at this club. I also really enjoy going to the student korfball tournaments about once every month. If there is still some spare time left I like to watch football with my housemates. I am really looking forward to the study trip and I hope that it will be an unforgettable experience!

Troy Oude Bekke

Hello dear readers,


I am Troy Oude Bekke, a 25-year-old CPT Master student. Because of the many committees provided by Japie, I am studying a bit longer than the average student. After my days studying and doing committee work, I like to cook and experiment with new recipes. During my dinner, I like to watch some series. After dinner, I like to play video games. I also watch animated series or Anime for short. Since these Anime are mostly made in Japan, Nani?!, and Japan has delicious food I am very eager to go on this trip!

Dylan Rantong

Hey everyone, my name is Dylan Rantong and I’m 20 years old at the moment. I was born in Arnhem, raised in Almere and am currently living with 5 other students of chemical engineering in a Japie house. I have always practiced badminton and I put a lot of time and effort in it until I went to university. I competed in some international tournaments and have also won some prizes with those. Next to that I really like photography a lot, but I spend way too little time doing it and way too much money. Lastly I love sleeping and food, both preparing and eating it. Chilling is one of my main hobbies and I am really good at it. I often have too much energy and if you really want a hug you should come to me, because I give the best hugs.

Brandon van Rosendaal

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon van Rosendaal, at time of writing 24 years, masterstudent in the MSMC-track, currently graduating, and active within the F.O.R.T.-crew, as bartender and old-committee member. This year I will hopefully also be appointed as a member of the F.O.R.T.-Lustrum Committee. Furthermore, I am born in the western part of Brabant, near the town of Roosendaal, how convenient that is, and as a true Brabander like to add some Brabantse hospitality and sociability during conversations and drinks. For some time, I have been trying to join the Studytour, but I am very excited to be able to join the tour to South-Korea and Japan. Together, we shall make this a memorable trip for us all!

Sabine van der Sanden

Hello everyone,


I am Sabine van der Sanden, 20 years old and I am from Eindhoven. It is possible that you already know me from the introduction committee of 2016 or maybe as secretary from the XII Lustrum committee. I live in huize Koudkrot since December 2016 with five other Japies, this suits me really good and I am enjoying the student live even more. Furthermore, I really like to cook and once in a while I like to try new things. Sometimes that is quite a challenge, while we have a small stove. Of course I go regularly to the drink in the F.O.R.T. and go out at Stratum. To get rid of the beers, I like to play rugby and go skating. I am already looking forward to the trip we are going to make! And I am especially curious about the culture, because I have never really been outside Europe.

Bart Timmermans

Hello everybody,


I am Bart Timmermans and I’m 20 years old. I’m in my third year of the bachelor Chemical Engineering. I have spent my childhood in Zevenbergen, a small town just north of Breda. In the weekends you can still regularly find me there, mostly to go to a pooling bar with my friends or just to catch up on the latest news. Besides that, I am one of the owners of a season ticket for PSV, so when there is a home match, you could run in to me. I can also (too) often be found behind my computer while playing games (mostly strategy and cardgames). You are not very likely to see me sporting and on these rare occasions it will not be much more than running a block. Since I have only ever been on holidays in ‘the west’, I am very curious about the culture in other parts of the world.

Koen Vlot

Hi everybody,


My name is Koen Vlot. I’m 20 years of age and currently in the third year of my bachelor. I’m originally from Woudrichem (on the northern edge of Brabant) but live in Eindhoven now. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends. This will usually happen at a drink from Japie, a pub or the movies. I’m also occupied with committee activities within Japie and the faculty, I really enjoy those activities and do plan to continue with them. If I only need to entertain myself I tend to do a bit of gaming (Nintendo consoles or PC), binge-watching (my favorite series is How I met your other) or reading (currently the Game of Thrones series). I’m really looking forward to the trip because of my interest in Japanese culture and the fact that this is my first trip outside of Europe.

Kasper Vonk



My name is Kasper Vonk. I am nineteen years and currently in the third year of my bachelor. I’m from a small town called Mierlo, located about 15 kilometres west from Eindhoven, where I still live together with my parents and older brother. A considerable part of my free time is spent on watching series, in particular Japanese anime. Thus, you can probably understand how excited I am to be able to go on this trip, as I have a big interest in both Japanese and Korean culture. Besides anime, I also enjoy skiing, gaming and spending time with family and friends. Furthermore, when I was younger I did gymnastics and played tennis, and so nowadays I try to keep in shape by going to the gym at least once a week.


Finally, I hope to see and experience as much as possible. Ever since I was a child, I have had a great love for discovering and exploring new things. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make many more unforgettable memories this summer and I look forward to going on this trip with all of you.

Klaas van der Wal

Dear fellow travelers, My name is Klaas, and I am 23 years old at the moment of writing, and probably 24 when you are reading this. I grew up in a small village in the province of Utrecht. At the age of 18 I moved to Utrecht where I am still living. I did my bachelors in chemistry at the Hogeschool Utrecht and last year I did the pre master course. This college year I started the master Chemical Engineering (MSMC). In my spare time I like to do some sports like kickboxing fitness and cycling. I like to drink a beer and currently working in a club in the center of Utrecht. I am looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.

Jeroen Weijts

Hello there!


My name is Jeroen Weijts and by the time you read this, I will be 20 years old already. I was born and raised in the town of Roosendaal (which lies in the south-west of the Netherlands, in the province of Noord-Brabant), but last year, I moved out of house and I now live with several other students in Eindhoven. This year, I will start my 3rd year of my bachelor.


When I’m not studying, I like to play table tennis – first in Roosendaal, now at the student’s sports center at a table tennis association called Taveres. Furthermore, I like reading and since I live in Eindhoven, I also participate in activities from Japie and visit the Thursday drinks. Last year, I also partook in the study trip to Prague which I really liked. This convinced me to also partake in this year’s study tour, as I have never visited Asia before. Therefore, I am really looking forward to the trip and I hope that the four weeks we will spend there will be fantastic!

Thomas Werkhorst



My name is Thomas Werkhorst, a 21-year-old master student from Woerden, a town west of Utrecht (probably you will find yourself there when there are troubles with the trains). I have played football for a long time, but when I became a student I changed football for squash. The first half year of the academic year, I will be studying in Lund, Sweden. There I will follow process engineering courses, but also courses in economics and law since I’m also interested in those topics. Last year I joined the T-licht committee, so take a look the next time you read T-licht. Just as most people, I also quite enjoy watching series. My favourites are House of Cards, Limitless and Suits. It seems really great to me to visit Japan and South Korea since the cultures are so different. I’m looking forward to getting to know the food and habits they got in these countries.

Lisette Wijkhuis



My name is Lisette Wijkhuijs, I’m 23 years old. I was raised in a very small village in Zeeland (Meliskerke) but currently live in Eindhoven. This year I started with the first year of the Master. Since I’m mostly interested in materials and organic chemistry, I decided to start the master in Molecular Systems & Materials Chemistry.


When I have some spare time I like to play sports, such as: Judo, Tennis and skating. Other things I like to do are watching shows, playing board games (I’m building quite a collection), crochet and watching red pandas! You have to admit, they are extremely adorable!! I’m really looking forward to the studytour, mainly because I’m very curious about the culture and work enviroment of the countries we will visit.

Fabian Wouters

Hi, my name is Fabian Wouters and I am 24 years old. Last year I completed my pre-master and thus I have just started the MSMC master route. I haven’t been part of Japie that long, but one can already regularly find me at the F.O.R.T. on Thursdays. I grew up in Breda and I have been living in Eindhoven for quite a while now and I currently have my own studio. Since the start of my student time, I have been part of the student association SSRE. I was a very active member in the beginning and I completed some committees and I am also part of a fraternity. In my spare time I like to brew my own craft beer with my dad and I also really like the chemistry aspect of it. I also really like to do different sports, but my favorites are winter sports and fitness and during the year I am also a volunteer at a summer camp in Breda. Currently I work for Sure Innovation, a company associated to the TU which connect students to perform innovative projects for companies and I also just started working as an operator to record the colleges given at the university.

Reserve participant

Tom van den Berg



Most of you will know me from the many drinks we had together last year in the F.O.R.T. and this year as chairman of the 60th board. Currently I’m 22 years old and 172 cm tall. In my spare time I like to go for a tour on my racing bike or go wall climbing. Besides sporting I also enjoy computer gaming and going out with friends or drinking a beer with them. In the little spare time I have left, I spend time with my girlfriend. I was born in Voorburg far west of Eindhoven and moved to Eindhoven three years ago. Now I am 4th year bachelor student and hopefully will start my master in Chemical Process Technology next year. In my short life I have travelled a lot and even lived outside Europe. I am really interested in the cultures of South Korea and Japan and will hopefully join you on the studytrip!

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