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Every two years, T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’ organizes a study tour with the goal of letting her members develop themselves by experiencing industry, education and culture in one or more foreign countries. In 2018, the next tour is planned and once again an enthusiastic group of people has been found to arrange this tour. This year, after an elaborate orientation, the group has decided to explore the East-Asian countries of South-Korea and Japan under the slogan ‘A Discovery in Oriental Chemistry’. With lots of pleasure and full dedication, the group will organize a four-week tour for 28 students and their scientific supervisor. Without further delay, I’d like to present you the Study Tour Committee 2018!


Hey there! My name is Sven Roefs and at the moment of writing I’m 22 years of age. I originate from Horst, but I’ve been living in Eindhoven for close to three years now. As chairman of the STC ’18, I’ll be the contact person of the committee during our committee time.


Besides organizing the study tour, I’ll also be engaging myself with the first year of my Masters study next year. Within Japie I’m known as a member of the ACTcIE 2014-2015, the J.A.P.I.E.-cie or for most people most likely as the treasurer of the 59th board.


I have a rich assortment of hobbies over which I have to divide my time, amongst which are volleyball, playing the piano, cooking and of course travelling. Therefore it’s probably not a surprise that I’m really looking forward to the study tour. As a last note, I’m seeing it as my task to make sure that everyone can start the journey with a good and safe feeling and a lot of fun!


I would also like to introduce myself with a little story. My name is Inge Martens, fourth year student on our beautiful faculty. On my last birthday, I had 21 candles on my cake. I spend my childhood in a small and quiet town, Beugen, but I am currently living in a student house in Eindhoven. You might know me from the 29th F.O.R.T. committee, where I am currently the activity coordinator, or even as chairman of the ACTcIE ’15-’16. Since I don’t like to sit still, I will try to work on a great journey next summer with the rest of the committee.


In my spare time I like to run on a football field. Besides playing football, I also like a nice drink now and then, to relax and to chat up with my friends. I was lucky enough to travel out of Europe once, I liked it so much that I can’t wait four our journey next summer!


Hi! I am Raoul Hendrix, 20 years old, and I come from a nice town in the southern part of the country called ‘Beek’ . Currently I am living in Eindhoven. This September I am going to start the third year of my bachelor. Because I also wanted to do something besides studying, I became part of the Study Tour Committee 2018. I will be the treasurer of this committee.


I mostly spend my spare time at exerting music. I play flugelhorn in the fanfare of Spaubeek and I regularly participate in projects of the Limburgish Fanfare Orchestra. In addition I work at Adams, a music retail shop in Ittervoort, where I work at the repair department. This way my work and hobby are related. Besides I try to practice sports too, especially squash and tennis. I also like travelling where I enjoy getting to know the culture and nature of different countries. Because of this interest, I am very excited  to put together a memorable trip!


Hi! I am Joost van der Tol, 22 years old, come from a little town near Eindhoven called ‘Lieshout’ and currently living in Eindhoven. Last year I finished my premaster and already started my master MSMC in Q4. Probably as you have already noticed, I am part of the Study Tour Committee 2018 as Coordinator Sponsorship and trying to ensure that you guys can all participate in this amazing (educational) Journey to South-Korea and Japan!


Besides that I like running a lot, my favorite hobby for almost 17 years already is soccer, which I am still playing at the local soccer club. Moreover, I am currently working at a cafeteria in Beek en Donk, but looking for another job here in Eindhoven. I like to spend my spare time with friends, doing other sports, visiting festivals and going abroad for city trips or other travels. Besides admiring the beautiful nature the world has to offer, I would like to understand and learn about other cultures and it’s habits. Therefore I am really looking forward to this Study Tour and making it unforgettable for you!


My name is Irian Hierck, I am a fourth year bachelor student at the faculty ST. Currently I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Amersfoort. At this moment I’m living in Eindhoven. Some of you will probably know me as chairman from the 29th F.O.R.T. committee, or maybe even from the WeCie 2015. During the upcoming year and the journey itself I will be the coordinator tour planning of the STC ’18.


I usually spend my free time with friends, roommates or my girlfriend, this can be whilst playing games, listening to music, watching films and series or just whilst hanging out. This preferably, and thus usually, happens with a (craft) beer or (red) wine in my hand.


I do not have a lot of experience traveling, I must even admit I don’t have a passport for the time being, since I have never left Europe. Especially because of that I think this journey and the committee organising it seems so great to me, and I think I will have had some amazing experiences after all of it!


Hello! My name is Joppe Schulten and I have taken on the function dealing with all affairs around public relations in the Study Tour Committee 2018 of Japie. Before starting my study in Eindhoven I was born and raised in Noord-Holland spending about sixteen years in the commonly wrong pronounced Heiloo [Heilóó not Héíloo]. In my spare time I really like playing classical music and play baseball or speed skating on ice.


This academic year will start my third year in my bachelor of chemical engineering and is also for me a year for orientation towards my master. In my first year of study I already participated in the Introduction committee 2016 of Japie. I really liked planning and organizing activities and immediately wanted to participate in the Study Tour Committee 2018.


As son of an architectural designer I really wanted to learn more about graphic designing besides the more common learning of organizing activities and therefore chose the position of coordinator PR.

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Study Tour 2018 - South Korea and Japan


A Discovery in Oriental Chemistry