Study Tour 2018

"A Discovery in Oriental Chemistry"


The Study Tour 2018 takes 22 students, six committee members, who are also still students, and two scientific supervisors to universities, companies and the culture of South-Korea and Japan in the summer of 2018 for one month. The aim of this study tour is to let students orientate them for the job market after graduation but also have a lot of fun in countries they normally have not the possibility to go to. The 22 participants all do case studies to raise money for themselves to go on the tour but also to warrant the educational aspect of this tour.

The committee




The Study Tour Committee 2018 organizes this study tour for students of the T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’, also referred as ‘Japie’. Japie is the study association of the faculty Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. The association has many different committees and therefore students can obtain extra-curricular knowledge about hosting events etc.. There are for example possibilities to learn how to organize a variety of one-day activities but also longer lasting activities such as this study tour. Every two years a one-month study tour is organized by a different committee.


The main goals of Japie are:


• Maintaining the quality of the professional education by for example forwarding the feedback of students to their professors.


• Giving students the chance to orientate themselves for their professional career after graduation.


• Organizing different sorts of fun activities so students also can relax after studying.

Only in case of emergency:

Korean cell phone: +821027460451

Japanese cell phone: unknown

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Study Tour 2018 - South Korea and Japan


A Discovery in Oriental Chemistry